Minute Clinic: Misconceptions about Psychotherapy

We’re all too familiar with the stigma associated with people who receive psychotherapy.  However, many patients have problems that a lot of people experience, such as anxiety from a new job or environment.

In this video, former Psy.D. student Mark La Fave explains the common misconceptions surrounding psychotherapy from a cultural standpoint. He also notes that, according to studies, 50% of people at someone point in their life would benefit from going to therapy.

It is known that people do not to seek out therapy because they are afraid that it will affect their work or that family and friends will find out about their condition. However, they shouldn’t fret because “therapists are bound by strict legal and ethical obligations to maintain confidentiality. This means that they are not permitted to divulge anything that they have heard in therapy sessions,” says La Faye.

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